What Shoes Should You Wear Based On Your Zodiac?

Have You Tried Wearing Shoes According To Your Zodiac Sign? Not Only It Is Fun But It Best Represents Your Personality.

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Tired of your old pumps that no longer go with your wardrobe? Here’s a comprehensive guide for you to pick up shoes based on your zodiac.


The Aries girl is adventurous, energetic and has a go-getter attitude. No wonder then that all-purpose sneakers are perfect to go with her personality. A sexy, professional shoe also does the trick for this lady who likes to be in control!


This woman defines grace, patience and elegance. Thus, she should go for flat belly shoes that not only look elegant but also add oodles of style to her look. This gracious, sentimental lady can also opt for Mary Jane styles that are high on comfort.


The Gemini woman loves to experiment with her style. Funky stilettos are perfect for her witty, fun and wild personality. Heels in warm, sexy tones like pink and orange are just about perfect!


This moody, emotional lady should go for pretty flip flops that complement her sensitive, free-spirited side. Smoky gray and silver are the colours that work the best for them.


The Leo woman defines royalty. Why should her footwear be anything short of uber stylish then? Pencil heels in golden will make sure she remains the centre of attention and stands out in the crowd.


The Virgo woman is fond of neat, functional shoes that not only add the style quotient to her outfit but also offer comfort and adjustability. Neat wedges in cool shades are perfect for this modest lady’s earthy feet.


This romantic lady strives for beauty in life. She will often be seen with jewel-studded shoes that complement her feminine side. Gladiators in gold, studded with stones, are just the right partner for the Libran woman’s feet.


The intense Scorpio lady needs footwear with a personality of its own. Stylish over-the-knee boots in leather are perfect for this passionate lady.



Sagittarians are fun, witty and love their freedom. Pretty pumps in fun, lively colours suit their straight-forward and outgoing personality well. 


This lady is ambitious, graceful and has a strict sense of discipline. She is the most career-oriented of all zodiacs and is deeply organized in both her personal and professional lives. A pair of formal black leather pumps encapsulates her aura perfectly. 


This quirky lady is optimistic, independent and blessed with a raging intellect. A stylish pair of ankle strap wedges preserves her originality while emphasizing on her natural style quotient. 


The deeply feminine Piscean woman will find no better shoe option than open toed pumps in bright, lively colours. A sensitive woman, she is creative in every aspect of her life and will most likely opt for shoes that reflect her creativity well.