Ways to keep the Libran Woman Happy

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The Libran woman is ruled by the planet Venus, signifying the feminine force and luxury. She’s diplomatic, just and has a keen sense of fairness. She’s the epitome of tact and knows just when to say the right thing to get the right response from people. She’s wonderfully feminine and a delight to look at, what with her naturally good looks and inherent appeal. She’s compassionate, sympathetic and an excellent listener. Here are seven great ways to keep your Libran happy at all times. 

Pamper her-

The Libra woman loves it when her man makes that extra effort to keep her happy. Invest in little gestures like that occasional surprise, waking her up to a lavish breakfast, bringing flowers home etc. Pamper her, spoil her and make her feel like the luckiest woman on earth. 

Gratify her love for luxury-

She’s a lover of the finer things in life, from food and wine to clothes and travel. Surprise her with a stunning piece from her favourite store, organize a lavish dinner date for her and take her to exotic destinations on luxury cruises. 

Intellectually stimulate her-

Besides being good looking, the Libra woman also has a mind of her own. This woman is inherently curious and her thirst for knowledge never stops. Engage her in healthy debates and discussions and challenge her gray cells, inspiring her to do better in her endeavours.

Be fair and just-

This woman has a heightened sense of fairness and looks for justice in every walk of life. She looks for balance and equality, something that shouldn’t come as a surprise given her zodiac symbol of the scales. This woman will hate lies and dishonesty and nothing wins her heart faster than a fair-minded and honest man. 

Shower her with compliments-

Your Libra woman will love it when you compliment her on a new haircut, a dress she’s picked out after a while. Make sure you let her know how beautiful she looks, how witty she was the other day and how much you appreciate her presence in your life. 

Dress well-

This woman has an extraordinary sense of style and wants to see her man well dressed at all times. You’ll need to be well-groomed, polite and appropriately dressed whenever you are with her. That means you can’t show up for a date in your sweatpants or baggy clothes. She appreciates it when a man makes that extra effort to look good for her. 

Avoid conflicts –

Keep in mind to avoid fights and conflicts with this lady who shies away from disagreements in general. She’ll try to resolve any differences that the two of you might have by talking about it or reaching a compromise.