Signs of a Perfect Relationship

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We live in times where relationships change every week, but then there are people who despite the setbacks and difficulties stay together. There is no secret formula for the perfect relation. It is about understanding each other and celebrating the differences. At the end of the day it is the those little moments that matter.
You have different lives, personalities and choices, but then there is one common thing that you both share, that is the love for each other.

Even after the worst fights you go to bed only when you both sort it out. There is no chance that you will sleep angry, sad or frustrated because at the end of the day fights and differences are a part of a healthy relationship.

You both keep doing silly things to keep that fun, spark and love alive in your relationship. You know that it is these little joys of life that matters the most. It can be some inexpensive gifts or a normal text message saying ‘miss you’ that can bring that smile on your face.

When you are in a crowd or gathering, even with that one smile you know what the other person wants to say.

You can communicate even in your silence. Even if your partner is a closed book or things are not fine, you understand. No words, nothing, just a look and you know what the other person wants to say.

You’re always there for them through their thick and thin. You always make sure that despite hectic schedules or other difficulties you stand by them when they need you.

You don’t need reasons to celebrate. Every day and moment that you spend with them is no less than a celebration for you.

The best part about your relationship is that you don’t need to shout from the roof top, because you know it is amazing and you do not need to flaunt it to the world.