Perfect Proposal for Each Zodiac

Return Home With Lipstick On Your Collar Rather Than Fingerprints On Your Cheek

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Thanks to movies and television shows, most men and women have a certain idea in their heads of how a proposal should unfold. The demands can seem impossible if you’re the one proposing, especially because everything hinges on the answer to that loaded question: will you marry me? So, here are some tips and tricks to help you stage the perfect proposal for your girlfriend, with some help from the zodiac signs!

Aries women are bold and fiery and absolutely love grand gestures. Whisk them away to Paris or an equally romantic locale for a weekend away, and, after wining and dining them, pop the question!


Taurus people aren’t very practical and down to earth, and they have strong ties to their friends and families. Get all your loved ones together and turn it into a lovely, intimate affair full of fun and cheer. You might even see your Taurus partner cry!


They love to be surprised so go for a clever, hidden proposal with an elaborately laid out plan that keeps them guessing at every turn, like a treasure hunt through their favorite cafes, book shops or clothing stores.


Cancer women are huge romantics and love to tell stories. So appeal to both these feelings by creating an intimate, personalized proposal complete with an honest and heart-felt speech and super romantic setting.


Leos do everything at a grand scale and will expect nothing but the most elaborate proposal you can think of. Think of flash mobs, fireworks and banners in the sky. Or perhaps even all three!


Virgos may seem to be extremely logical and rational but they secretly love romance. So a carefully crafted proposal that seems low-key but actually took a lot of effort, such as re-creating the exact scene of your first meeting or a scene from her favorite movie will surely be a hit.


Appeal to the strong sense of aesthetics of the Libran by creating a very pretty proposal setting complete with twinkling lights and a picturesque view.


Scorpio women are love mystery so make sure the proposal is a surprise (one that works!). Additionally, ensure that the proposal is both passionate and profound, as Scorpions are strong believers in soul mates.


The adventurous and free spirited Sagittarius would really appreciate an outdoor proposal, especially one that is set in a beautiful park or picturesque hike that harkens back to a first date or some other significant memory.


Appeal to their high end tastes by creating an elegant, under-stated proposal at a private corner booth in their favorite 5 star restaurant. Bonus points if you manage to book the whole room for yourself. 


Aquarius women are very laid back and relaxed though they are also very hard to please. A breezy beach proposal, which is laid back and intensely romantic at the same time, would appeal to the Aquarius ladies.


Pisceans are very dreamy, sensitive souls with a strong artistic sense. A unique, slightly whimsical proposal that combines all their favorite things in one setting would be ideal. Make everything is as pretty as possible!