The New Reality Of Sexual Peak For Women

The Myth Busting Truth

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Gone are the days when it was an established fact that women achieve their sexual peak in their early thirties.  This long held view was based upon the survey of over 5000 women by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in the 40s and was published in his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. As premarital sex was a no-no back then, by her mid-thirties a woman had been married with a few kids and was therefore less sexually inhibited. 

However, the new survey by LoveyHoney has revealed that with the increase in pre-marital sex, and girls starting their journey young and experimenting with multiple partners, more women achieve their sexual peak at around 26. 

However the men’s age for attaining sexual peak was found to be 32 an increase of 14 years from earlier perceived 18 years. Now that is a big shift and cannot be explained by changing sexual habits of men. This difference may be because of true understanding of what sexual peak really means. The higher libildo of men during closing years of their teens cannot be termed as sexual peak. 

Merely the number of sexual engagements does not decide one's sexual peak. As per LoveHoney’s survey, only 35 percent of people said they were having the "most sex" of their lives while at their sexual peaks. In other words, for many people, the best sex of their lives did not happen when they were sexually active the most.

Has your time come and gone? The answer is an emphatic no. These surveys don’t fix the age of attaining sexual peak. A woman can have sexual peak for long years. "Women have their 'sexual peak' when they're feeling the most free, energized, and tuned into their sexuality," says Jane Greer, Ph.D. a New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship.

A sexual peak is unlike a mountain peak from which one can go only downhill. As long as a women ensures that her sexual needs are met and she has orgasm more often during sex, she will continue to remain on high side of the sexual spectrum. The key is to stay true to one's sexual desires and get comfortable with it. Life is one big road with lots of signs and turns including U-turns. So accelerate and burn some rubber.