Must-Have Shoes for Every Girl

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A good pair of shoes is something that can brighten a girl’s day. Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. Do you own the right pair? Let us go through the list of shoes which every girl must have in her wardrobe.

1.Flip-flops :
These are the most comfortable to walk in. If you decide to go for a long walk on the beach or the park, a pair of flip-flops is the best option. You can wear them with pyjamas, jeans or shorts and flaunt a variety of styles, colours and patterns.

2.Pumps :
Every girl should have more than one pair of pumps in her collection. These classy yet simple pair of shoes looks cute with skirts and short dresses. They also go well with formal attires.

3.Ankle Strap Sandals :
Ankle strap sandals were made with the thought of providing some comfort to our ankles. These shoes look very good with dresses and knee length skirts. Team them up with matching accessories and master that chic and feminine look.

4.Ballet Flats :
Ballet flats are nothing but pump shoes without the heels. They serve the same purpose, but are a little more comfortable than pumps. Ballet flats are a very good option for all the girls who prefer comfort over style.

5.Stilettos Heels :
Every girl’s wardrobe has at least one pair of stilettos heels. These shoes are sexy, classy and they speak the word ‘style’ out loud. Stilettos if teamed with a scintillating dress will give you some extra stares for sure.

6.Sneakers :
Sneakers are comfortable, stylish and trendy girl shoes which are best when travelling. Run, jump or dance, do whatever you want to, wearing these pair of shoes.

7.Boots :
Every girl should have boots in their shoe collection. Boots are something which never goes out of fashion. These are essential during winters and can be paired up with either jeans or dresses.

8.Platform Wedges :
A fashionable platform wedge is the perfect weekend shoe. You can go to a club or a party wearing platform wedges. Dancing in them is also not that difficult because of the support that they provide to the feet.