Léa Seydoux: The Next Sexy Bond Girl?

From bad girl to Bond Girl

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The 4th of December was an awesome day for 007 fans. Why? Because SPECTRE, the 24th Bond movie was announced on that day. Besides drooling over the hunk that Daniel Craig is as James Bond, we have the Bond Girls and their hotness to look out for.

Having grown up with James Bond and his thrilling adventures, we’ve seen a number of glamorous stars take on the demanding role of the Bond Girl such as Denise Richards, Halle Berry, Eva Green, Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arterton and Bérénice Marlohe. Joining the hall of fame is the beautiful Monica Bellucci and pretty Brit Naomie Harris along with French actress Léa Seydoux. 

Many of you might recognize her as the cold-blooded assassin Sabine Moreau from the other action-filled spy franchise Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. This lady knows how to shoot a gun, wield a knife and basically kick some serious butt! However, a little research on the internet shows us that she’s also so much more. She’s intelligent, talented, experiments with her acting projects, sexy, sultry, alluring and then some more.

Here we’ve picked up some quintessential Bond Girl looks from the past and used the internet to see if she’s up to the challenge and more importantly, up to our expectations from a Bond Lady.

The Bond Bikini

We’ve seen Ursula Andress and Halle Berry look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in the ‘Bond Bikini’. One of the biggest reasons why Léa Seydoux would fit into this look is because she is totally comfortable in her skin, confident about her sexuality and is not afraid to flaunt what she has. Three essential characteristics of a Bond Girl. 

The Tempting Ball-Gown Look

The thing about a Bond Girl is that she isn’t just intelligent and bold, she’s also elegant, beautiful and quite frankly, the epitome of glamour. We have no doubts she can pull this look off, because just look at her dazzling the Red Carpet in her chic, understated yet awe-inspiring style.

Deadly in Black

Quintessentially ‘BOND’, all the leading ladies in this franchise have, at one time or another, worn black and dazzled James Bond. Also black is the wardrobe department’s color of choice when a Bond Girl has to go all bada$$ on their adversaries. Black is the signature I’m-deadlier-than-you-thought-I-was look. 

The Versatility-In-The-Character Looks

The specialty of a spy film is that the leading lady needs to be inconspicuous at one point, flirtatious at another and gutsy at the third. We believe Léa Seydoux can rock all these moments because she has not been afraid to experiment with her looks or her acting roles. Pretty in peach, gutsy in short hair, cute in a wavy bob-cut, chic in bottle green, hot in ginger, sweet in blonde, bold in dark eye makeup, elegant in light makeup are only a few of the many looks she can nail with perfection. 

Our Verdict:

Excitement about her great potential. She has that perfectly sultry, inviting look that we associate with a leading Bond Lady.

We can totally envision her as the next Bond Girl although a lot depends on her role in the movie and how the directors decide to play it out. Nevertheless, we are pinning our hopes on Léa Seydoux’s capacity to add a whole new dimension to her role.