Irresistible Habits of Your Partner That Drive You Crazy

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“Being in love is the best thing ever”, they said. “Love makes you go head over heels”, they said. But did they tell you about the drawbacks of being in a relationship. People of opposite personalities get attracted towards each other which makes them interesting and exciting initially. But discovering their nagging and irritating habits can be quite maddening at times.
1.When things aren’t at their own place:
After a stressful day at work you want to go back to a clean home, just the way you left it in the morning before leaving for work. But what if you open your door and find your room looking more like a store room. Things can turn quite stressful at that point because you know you won’t be able to rest before you put everything back in its place.   

2.Using your stuff like their own:
There used to be a time when you were the only person using your stuff. But that must have become history now. Every time you see your partner using your shampoo and body wash, your laptop or your T-shirt, it makes you feel as if you have lost the ownership of your own belongings. But you eventually tend to forgive them because of the love you have for them.    

3.Taking you for granted:
You take out time for them, make them yummy food, dress up for them and expect them to appreciate you for your efforts. But all you get is a blank look. So for everybody out there, it is important for you to know that it does not hurt to acknowledge your partner once in a while for all the attempts they make.

4.Bringing in people without your knowledge:
Your home is your happy place and you want your own space at times. But your partner does not get that. Sometimes you are in no mood to entertain or maybe you want to read a book quietly. It is important to consult your partner before inviting over friends or keeping a pet.

5.Comparing you with someone else:
Comparing you with every single member of their family is the best hobby for them and specially with their mom/dad. Sometimes it becomes quite frustrating how badly your partner wants to transform you into their parents or siblings.

6.Making uninformed plans:
If you were thinking about going home and completing those last few pages of the Erich Segal’s novel, then wait for a moment and think twice. You have someone waiting for you back home who has already made plans of going out for a dinner date or a movie. You might also find some guests invited to your place without any prior knowledge.  

7.When they forcefully want you to take a decision:
Sometimes your partner may force you to go for a ride when you are in the mood for just lazing around and watching a movie. And what is even more maddening is that you have to always agree with them just to see that smile on their face.

    8.Sometimes saying things to hurt you:
    Your partner is your friend, confidante and your companion. Nothing stays hidden from them. And this turns as an advantage to them whenever a quarrel crops up. They always try to find an upper hand in the debate by saying things which are hurtful to you.