Hey Baby, What's Your (Style) Sign? How To Dress According To The Zodiac

Your Fashion Destiny Is Written In The Stars

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Zodiac signs may not always be strictly accurate, but they provide an interesting framework through which we can view the world. Whether or not you’re a believer, these styling tips can help you define and refine the vibe you want to give off through your clothing. These are tips not just for when you want to dress up as per your own sun sign but also for when you want to take on the qualities of another. Read on to discover fun ways to pay homage to your favorite zodiac sign through your sense of style!


Fire up for a girls’ night out in the kind of bold and glamorous outfit an Aries would prefer. Opt for bright reds and shorter hemlines and finish the look with some chunky gold jewelry.

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Taurans have a deep connection to the earth that is best expressed with eye-catching floral prints and nature inspired designs. 







Floral dress- http://www.fashionara.com/floral-printed



Tackle a busy day head-on by wearing a funky Gemini inspired outfit. Aim for interesting visual contrasts by color blocking with bright colors and matching contrasting ethnic prints that work together like magic!

Ethinic wear- http://www.myntra.com/dress-material/



Pretty pastel shades such pink, blue or green displayed on flowing chiffon and georgette fabrics can help you take on the romantic, idealistic Cancerian vibe.

Pink dress- http://www.myntra.com/dresses/eavan

Blue dress- http://www.roposo.com/product/avirate-ocean-spray-maxi-dress/



Leos love to make a lasting impression, which is why they wear a lot of gold tones, designer dresses, statement accessories and loud embellishments: the perfect look for a glamorous evening party!






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Want to dress to impress at an interview? Channel the energy of the smart, efficient and creative Virgo. Opt for clean, tailored cuts that subtly flatter your figure and keep it simple with muted colors. 

Virgo's dress- http://www.jabong.com/faballey-Blue-Solid-Shirt



On days when everything is seemingly going wrong and life is a mess, a Libra state of mind can help you find your balance and get in control. Go for soothing shades such as white, beige, sea green and daffodil; finish with the subtle sparkle of champagne colored jewelry.





White dress- http://www.jabong.com/liebemode

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Want to dazzle your date? The mysterious but alluring Scorpion aura might be just what you need. Go for form fitting, low-cut dresses and stylish crops tops. Cultivate the aura of regal mystery by opting for accessories with intricate designs and mysterious motifs.

Crop tops- http://www.shopalike.in/clothing/tops/crop/

Dress- http://www.sweetcouch.com/womens



Let out the laid-back, gregarious Sagittarian vibe as you relax on a much awaited vacation. Wear the latest tunics and pair them up with cool, printed leggings and neon ballet flats.

Leggings- http://www.jabong.com/women/clothing/leggings-jeggings/leggings/mango/



Tap into the grounded and strong inner Capricorn to nail the important meeting you’ve been stressing about. Exude effortless sophistication by dressing in comfortable but stylish blazers, well fitting shirts and snazzy pant suits.

Blazer- http://www.myntra.com/blazers


The quirky, hippy Aquarius look is just what a hot summer’s day demands. Exude a bohemian vibe by donning flowing and comfortable fabrics printed with off-beat patterns and animal motifs and finish up with chunky tribal jewelry.

Printed tops- http://www.koovs.com/leopard-print


No loud or blazing color tones here! Explore pastel blue, mauve and lavender shades and smooth silk fabrics to tap into your inner creativity and artistic side.

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