Have You Got Gluten Face, Wine Face Or Dairy Face?

Eat healthy, have a natural looking skin

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The latest talk of the town is the gluten, wine and dairy faces, all indicating certain skin symptoms. According to doctors, these symptoms are a clear indicator of the major components of our diet. These studies also reveal that these three ingredients can wreak havoc on facial skin and appearance when not taken in moderation. 

It all started when Charlotte Tilbury, a celebrity makeup artist, engaged her doctor Nigma Talib to give high profile guests like Kate Bosworth and Kim Kardashian ‘face readings’ at the launch of her new line in LA. The aesthetician is a registered doctor practicing naturopathy and is a firm believer in the old adage of beauty being skin deep. She suggests that with the right diet changes, the problem of ‘gluten face’, ‘wine face’ and ‘dairy face’ can be combated. 

Dr. Talib claims a lot can be said about an individual’s health only by looking at their face in terms of spots, pigmentation, texture of the skin, creases etc. She is now gaining wide recognition as a ‘facialist’ to high profile stars and boasts of a clientele that includes some Hollywood A-listers.

According to Dr. Talib, the Dairy Face has dark circles and is bloated and the Wine Face is dehydrated with pronounced lines. The Gluten Face is probably the worst of them all, with puffiness and belly bloat. 

Dr. Talib dispenses helpful advice on the impact of dietary choices on one’s skin. She believes that simple things like awareness about one’s unconscious dietary choices can substitute artificial surgical procedures like Botox. She believes that any change in the face must come from within, starting with the diet. Doctors around the world claim their patients have seen positive results on discontinuing their diet of dairy, wine and  gluten.

Dr. Talib’s services are anything but cheap, with a full face-treatment costing more than $400. Since affording Dr. Talib’s professional services is not an option, it’s time for us to wonder which face we are and naturally change that.