Gossiping Is Good For Your Health

Come Out… Relax..!! Let It Go….

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Lots of words to describe gossip. Chat, yak, get the scuttlebutt, gab,  dish, and chew the fat. Are you a gossiper?? Don’t be  shy to admit it, as it is good for your health - says a new study.

The act of hiding something from your friends and family not only gives you mental pressure but also damages you from within. The burden of secrecy can make things more challenging. It can preoccupy your mind and lead you to use substantial personal, intellectual and motivational resources for no gain.

In this case, only gossiping can rescue you; sharing what you know with others can make you feel light and motivated. Gossiping helps in bonding with other friends, I mean who wouldn’t want a friend to share personal talks or other’s personal talks. Also by sharing these stories, we learn about the social norms and conventions of those around you.

Contrary to the assumptions that women can’t wait to disclose the secret, it is men who otherwise talk less, are first to spill the beans. This fact makes gossiping a common trait between human beings which works as a medicine to them, in focusing on their goals.