Goddesses of Fashion

Hollywood Divas And Their Zodiac Fashion

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Emma Watson embodies the Aries’ fearless persona in her personal and professional life. Advocating gender equality and empowerment unequivocally, her boldness stems from her powerful yet classy suits and dresses and her plucky nature comes across in her former pixie cut. On the red carpet she’s beyond stunning in shimmery, elegant yet sexy mish-mash of flowing drapes, flattering pants and jumpsuits. Black seems to be her thing, and she rocks it to the hilt! Channel your inner Watson with loose yet flattering drapes. 


A placid nature that covers a sensual interior, traits that describe Cate Blanchett perfectly! This leading lady dresses in the most chick dresses and gowns, form-fitting till the waist and flowing from there on. Stately and formidable, this Taurean likes to keep it simply yet stylish, usually with sheer, translucent, gossamer fabrics. Try empire waist dresses in light fabrics like chiffon, to harness her vibe. 


Angelina Jolie is all about tailored suits and floor-length gowns. Her go-to however, seems to be black and white, juxtaposed colors on the spectrum, reflecting a Gemini's dual nature. On a day when you want to look sultry and sensuous, a Jolie inspired floor length ball-gown is the way to go. Power and sex appeal comes to you in the form of chic and elegant Jolie-like tailored suits.


Sophia Vergara is one of the most fashionable women of our times. This Cancerian lady has got curves and she knows how to flaunt them in a sensuous yet non-crude way. Whether it is her casual street fashion with a pair of fitted jeans and peplum tops or her elegantly sexy floor gowns and dresses, she dresses to the ninths. Her impeccable fashion choices in shoes, statement jewelry, accessories and clothes make her a style icon. Bold pieces of accessories and high-heeled shoes are a good start to accessing her look. 


Jennifer Lawrence is the embodiment of everything Leo – exceptionally popular, extremely social and outgoing, vivacious, clever, graceful, beautiful and just plain sexy. Everything from the pixie cut and wavy bob to tube gowns, short fitting dresses, metallic colors, loose fitting jackets, baggy pants and jumpsuits look ravishing on this Leo lady. Take a few cues from her and try some fashionable baggy pants and jumpsuits. 


Beyonce is empowered, strong, path-breaking and with nerves made of steel, much like a Virgo woman. Her sultry bikini dresses in black and metallic colors, form-fitting floor length gowns in netted, sheer materials with floral brocades and her trademark full length sleeves all exude power and daring. Go for metallic colors for a stunning Beyonce look.


Gwyneth Paltrow in her understated elegance is the definition of a Libra woman, who is said to appear as dainty, delicate, ethereal and gentle as you can imagine but can be made of tough substances. With her popular minimally-accessorized look, she can pull off a powerful boardroom look with tailored outfits just as easily as gorgeous ball gowns. Diamonds, smoky eye makeup and nude facial makeup along with diversity in different kinds of necklines is totally her thing and you can also do the same.


Emma Stone, our very own red-headed magnetic beauty is the icon of girly fashion. It is said that the Scorpio woman is mysterious, proud and 100% confident. These aspects can clearly be seen in Stone’s faultless fashion choices, right from beanie caps and blazers to flowing frilly knee-length dresses along with chic hair and makeup. Try some bright colors like pink, yellow and green for a Stone inspired look.


Taylor Swift has grown up from being a teen pop sensation to a stately woman with one of the best style statements in the industry. Perfect hair, vivid choice of colors, drop-dead gorgeous silhouettes, sexy high heels, all embody her outspoken, social, charming Sagittarian traits. She does seem to prefer snug, full-sleeved crop tops paired with form-fitting skirts that show off her toned, sensual legs. For a more Swiftie vibe, try out crop tops in her style. 


Kate Middleton's royal side is not about frills and trims. She is all about meticulous attention and appropriate dressing. Styling to look gorgeous and not outlandish is quintessentially Capricorn. Channel your inner regal-Capricorn with short fitted jackets, snug-fitting tailored dresses in soothing hues like pale blue and bottle green teamed up with statement necklaces. On a casual day experiment with prints and knee-length flared skirts.


Jennifer Anniston, whether in her role as Rachel (on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) or in real life, is a fashionista through and through. Her graceful charm, wit, straight blond hair (all of which are essentially Aquarian traits), are the foundation of her inherent beauty which she harnesses through short dresses, hot pumps, minimalistic accessorizing and dark colors. Merge your personal style with her trademark pointed black pumps.


The Piscean Rihanna is as creative and artistic in the recording studio as she is in her wardrobe choices. Opting for grandeur and lusciousness in bold revealing clothes, she has no one trademark hair and makeup style. You can embody her spirit in heavy accessories and unconventional silhouettes.