Get Deepika Padukone’s 2014 IIFA Awards Make-up Look

Simple To Follow Tutorial

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We always want to know every bit of styling and beauty related detail of our favorite celebs. What they wear and how they carry themselves, tend to become trend setting idea. Here we will learn how to get the ‘Deepika Padukone 2014 IIFA Awards Make-up Look’. Watch the video and follow the tutorial to get the perfect party/event look:

1. The first and the most important step involved in eye makeup is priming the lid. Here, ‘Urban Decay - Eye Shadow Primer Potion,’ original shade has been used. Use your finger tips to merge it well on your eye lids.

2. Apply ‘Retrospeck by Mac’, light shimmery gold blonde color eye shadow with the help of ‘Mac 239’ eye shader brush.  It is a little rough and a tad bit glittery at the same time, giving a lustre finish. Cover the whole eye lid with this shade.

3. Use a small round brush to apply ‘Sketch MAC Eye Shadow’, a velvet finish eye shadow from the permanent collection. Highlight the end of your eyes with this shade to add dimension.

4. Use a fluffy brush to add a beige/brownish shade to the upper area of your eyes and merge it with the previously applied shades.

5. Apply a thin eye liner using ‘Loreal Super Liner’ above your eyes. Use an angled brush and a black eye shadow to smudge the liner.

7. Use the small round brush, used in step 3, to apply ‘Sketch MAC Eye Shadow’, yet again. Now apply ‘Retrospeck by Mac’, with another flat brush for golden layer finish.

8. Give a final touch to the smudge eye liner with the help of angled brush. Use a space shadow brush to apply ‘Amber Diamonds’ eye shade by Dior to highlight below the brows.

9. Apply little bit of black pencil kajal on the inside areas of the upper eye lids. Also add mascara to the upper lashes. Use a brown colored kajal pencil to fill in the eyes.

10. You should definitely wear fake lashes to add zest to your eye makeup. Here, ‘Allure no.100’ fake lashes have been worn that has added volume to the original lashes. Finally, darken your eye liner once again with the help of ‘Loreal Super Liner’.

11. To add perfect glow to your skin, use ‘Nars Sheer Glow Foundation’ and apply it properly all over your face and neck using a puff. Don’t forget to apply concealer that suits you best and blend well.

12. Make a faint line of the ‘Sketch MAC Eye Shadow’ on the lower lashes, using an angled brush. Also highlight the lashes with small-brush mascara.

13. Use a liner brush to draw precise lines contouring your nose, the shade of which will depend on your complexion. Blend it well with a puff, making sure that it helps in creating a proper shape of your nose.

14. Here, ‘Hoola by Benefit’ has been used along with a contour brush for contouring the cheeks and face. Pay attention to the hollows of cheeks, forehead and sides of nose.

15. Apply a light shade of blush on cheeks. Also apply ‘Amber Diamonds’ again with the help of a buffing brush to highlight the main areas and chin.

16. To get the pump lips, apply plummy purple color lipstick by Mac, which gives a gorgeous bold look. Add ‘Diva’ lipstick by Mac on top of it to intensify the shade, and make it similar to that of Deepika Padukone’s.

17. In the end, give a matt mineral powder touch to your face to avoid shiny areas and balance the color of your entire face.

Tie up your hair into a messy bun like Deepika did, to complete the look. Simply put on your party dress, add few accessories and you are ready to steal the show wherever you go.