Earrings to Suit Your Face Shape

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Earrings can not only complement, but even complete your look. Give a girl the perfect set of earrings and see her turn into a dazzling diva. Have you ever wondered why those simple studs make you look so pretty, but a gorgeous jhumki makes you look hideous? The reason is that face shapes decide what kind of earrings look good on us. No need to worry, we have the perfect solution for you all - next time when you go out shopping for earrings, just make sure to keep in my mind our style guide to help you buy the best earrings for your face shape.
Round Shaped Face:
People with a round face have fuller cheeks. They have more surface around the cheeks than the top and bottom of their head. If you have such features, you need to balance out that roundness. It is better to stay away from chunky studs and rather opt for long danglers and drop earrings as they will divert the attention from the roundness of your face.

Heart Shaped Face:
People with heart shaped face have a forehead wider than their cheeks, and their face narrows toward their chin. So the whole idea is to create a balance and divert the attention towards the lower part of your face. You should wear earrings that are curved triangular shaped - like teardrop earrings. Since these earrings have a wider base, it will complement the shape of your face and create balance. Do not commit the mistake of wearing something that is in the shape of an inverted triangle, as that can completely spoil your look.

Square Shaped Face:
If the width of your forehead, cheeks, and jaw line are similar, then you have a square shaped face. So, to flatter your natural angle, adorn long hoops or long tear drop earrings. Thus, you will be able to show off those defined cheekbones. Try and experiment with interesting patterns and designs to draw the attention over to these areas as well as your shoulders and neck.

Rectangle Shaped Face:
Is your forehead and chin almost the same size, with the length of your face being a prominent character? Then you have a rectangular face. One has to create a balance by going for broader or wider earrings. You can try chandeliers or stone studded tear drops that are wider. Your best bet can be statement earrings. You can try small pearls and rounded buttons too.

Diamond Shaped Face:
Your cheekbones are the most prominent feature of your face. A narrow forehead and chin with angular contouring gives your face a diamond shape. You can experiment with wider teardrops, small hoops and studs. Go with earrings that have more width than length because that will complement your natural face shape in a better way.

Triangle Shaped Face:
A triangle-shaped face has a wider chin than the forehead and your face starts to go broader as it goes down. So to create a balance, go for earrings that are pointing down. Avoid any angular or pointy earrings.

Oval Shaped Face:
Does the line from your forehead blend with your cheekbones and it isn’t too wide? You have a face shape that girls die for. Any type of earring is perfect for you. You lucky girls!! Experiment as much as you can. Have fun experimenting! Studs, danglers, drops, you can try anything that you want.