DDLJ Fashion: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Dissecting 5 Unforgettable DDLJ Looks 

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While Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge had its share of iconic and stylish fashions, we often forget that after all, it is a 90s Bollywood movie.  There are certainly quite a few unappealing looks in DDLJ that could only have become the height of fashion in the 90s. As DDLJ reaches 1000 weeks, we examine the range of iconic looks from DDLJ, from drab to fab to ‘WHAT THE FASHERATI were  thinking’.

Kajol’s Green Wedding Lehenga

Some things are not meant to see the light of day and this horrendous shade of green is one of them. Kudos to Kajol for pulling it off (as much as she could), but we never ever want this shade to be fashionable again.  

Verdict: Ugly

There are many other beautiful green lehengas for brides who want to stand out from the crowd.

Check out the link below to find some green hues that will calm rather than cause face palm:



Halter-neck Gowns (and the hair buns that went with them)

Once again, Kajol manages to pull off something that, on paper, really shouldn’t suit her at all. While we can appreciate Manish Malhotra’s bravery in putting Kajol in those slinky, satin halter neck dresses in Ruk Ja O Dil Diwane and Na Jaane Mere, we have to protest against the quintessentially aunty buns that accompany them. The ungainly look of those hair buns ruins the elegance of the gowns and draws attention to Simran’s essentially aunty nature.

Verdict: Ugly

Leave off the ugly buns and the slinky low back halter neck gowns could actually be a good choice for a party.

You can find them here:


Knotted Top and Short Skirt

Yash Chopra heroine’s always seek to combine innocence with sensuality and in DDLJ, this was achieved by making Kajol wear a tiny knotted top and tinier mini skirt made of pristine, white chiffon. The knotted top look might be sexy, but the 90s white on white overly matching aesthetic just ruins it.

Verdict: Bad

This type of knotted top might actually look great if paired with an a-line skirt or stylish denims.

Try out the links below to find something appropriate:


Raj’s Leather Jacket and Feathered Hat Look

The cool, confident and quirky Raj had to have a look that matched his personality. Stylish leather jackets are a huge part of SRK’s swoon factor in this movie and he even makes the perky feathered hat work for him.

Verdict: Good

Get supple and sophisticated leather jackets to channel your inner Raj:


Kajol’s Long Tunic and Boots Look

This pretty orange calf-length tunic and lacy top is one of the best ensembles in the movie (and probably in the 90s). From the unforgettable nerd glasses (Simran: the original hipster) to the stylish boots with heels, every aspect of the look is pretty spot on.

Verdict: Good

Put together a current version of this look by checking out the links below: