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It had been the society standard for a very long time; the thinner you are, the more socially acceptable you are. But now, au contraire the world of fashion has changed and now people are growing out of the ‘she-is-thin-hence-pretty’ beliefs. Women have started accepting their body just the way it is – be it skinny or curvy or voluptuous – they believe in carrying it off the best way they can. Once a woman accepts herself, so does the world.

Actresses like Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha have broken the norms of the skinny-dom. They are talented, bold and beautiful and the world loves their curves.

Even in yesteryears, the world of glamour idealized Marilyn Monroe as a "sex symbol", even though she definitely did not have a ‘thigh-gap’. Her body, her charm, her style was a complete sum-up of her confident personality. It’s all about how you carry yourself and how positive you are in doing so. And to carry oneself, one should understand ‘fashion’ and know what suites her body type the best.

Gone are the days when fashion was for the ‘socially acceptable’ ones and a faux pas of a plus size was a cardinal sin, as compared to a mistake made by a size six. Fashion hubs have now started to concentrate on the larger picture (pun intended), because fashion is for everyone, and not confined to certain sizes.

One of the leading brands concentrating on women of plus sizes is Amydus (

Amydus is an online clothing store for plus sized people and caters to the much in demand ready to wear plus size clothing. It offers a collection for both men and women. Their collection ranges from ethnic to western and from everyday wear to party wears. Amydus is one of a kind online shopping platform in India for the plus size clothes. Now fashion is neither an extensive research program nor just a word for the elite body types but is just a click away.

A maxi dress, a pair of jeans or a palazzo, bling top or a formal shirt - everything is just a click away!

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1. Palazzo Pant in Monochrome Geometric Print:

2. Over-Dye Shirt in Grey& Red:

3. Aqua & Lemon Centre Slit Style Tunic:

4. Geometric Print Cotton Spandex Jegging:

To simply things further, these are some quick fashion suggestions we would like to offer. Try this lovely maxi in aqua print by Amydus, highlighted by lemon collar. Pair it up with a set of dangling earrings by Forever 21, and carry a fancy clutch offered by Jabong to go with the attire. Complete the look with the Fashion and You oh-so-comfortable bellies.

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1. Maxi Dress in Blue Aqua Print & Lemon Neck by Amydus:

2. Chic Art Deco Drop Earring by Forever 21:

3. Butterflies Blue Clutch by Jabong:

4. Belle Gambe Ballerinas by Fashion and You:

It’s weekend already? Confused about what to wear to hang out with your bunch of friends? Well, worry no more - let Amydus help you with an ombre print maxi dress for the day. Add crescent earrings from Forever 21 and a complimenting clutch from Jabong and of course opt for matching ballerinas from Fashion and You.

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1. Maxi Dress in Vertical Ombre Print by Amydus:

2. Fringed Crescent Drop Earrings by Forever 21:

3. Butterflies Blue Clutch by Jabong:

4. Belle Gambe Ballerinas by Fashion and You: