Call Ex For Sex

Have You Ever Tried Getting Back With An Ex Just To Have Sex One More Time?

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While the crazy stat that says men think about sex every 7 seconds has been debunked, the feeling behind the statistic remains true: some men can’t get sex out of their minds. Another thing that’s hard to get out of your mind? Your ex. Couple them together and you get a sure shot recipie for disaster. That is what makes the whole idea so interesting. 

1.You know location of all his switches to turn him on and vise-versa (The chemistry is already there, all you need to do is to initiate a chain reaction)

2. You will not feel conscious with him as you have done it with him many times before (Thoughts like “I hope I will not bite his lip tightly” will not haunt you)

3. You always think about him in bed, even when you are with someone else (God, my ex was so good in bed, I wish he was here with me)

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4. Sex with ex will bring all the good memories back (You may remember the time, when you did it for the first time. You didn’t know when to stop and you actually got too far with the flow)

5. Sex may lead to a mature reunion, where both have learned from past mistakes (And omg, maybe you both will think of starting  afresh)

6. You don’t have to read some women’s magazine for helpful advice because you already know what to do and when (actually you are such an expert that your girlfriends come to you for advice)

7. Sex is easy with him as its just sex and no emotional love drama (basically, there are no strings attached and both are in ‘friends with benefits’ mode)

8. Sex with an ex will make you forget all the pain your present is giving you (You may escape into the fantasy world leaving all the harsh realities behind)

9. Your ex will return the favor every time because he also understands your needs very well. 

10. You can bitch about all the partners you have had after breaking up with him (And the best part is, he will never judge you )