Audacious Aquarius Fashion

Aquarians Have An Electrifying Fashion Sense

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Aquarius girls are full of surprises. Quirky, individualistic and intellectual, they have a deep curiosity about everything, from the mysteries of the universe to the intricacies of human relationships. These cool ladies are never ruffled and find it very hard to conform to any kind of norms. They are often termed eccentric and unconventional but they love it as the one thing they despise is blending into the background!

This individuality seeps into their fashion as well. Aquarians love to dress according to their personality, ignoring trends in favor of carving their own unique style niche. They are not big on the latest fashion fads but they do love to try out new and innovative products to see if it fits in with their vibe. Their fashion often proves to be a constant source of inspiration for everyone around them as they have a great eye and are able to put together effortlessly fashionable looks that are completely unique and comfortable at the same time. 

Bohemian Chic

An Aquarius is a hippy at heart and you’ll be hard pressed to find an Aquarius who isn’t passionate about animal rights and the environment. They have a very alternative, bohemian sense of style, reflected in their love of colorful flats, asymmetrical cuts, long, flowing dresses and tunics, unusual prints and motifs and vibrant colors. Their summery sense of style is perfect for warm weather countries. In colder climes, they love to layer with lots of sweaters, cardigans and interesting vests. 


Unique Statement Accessories

Expensive jewelry is not exactly the Aquarius mojo, but they do love accessorizing with one-of-a-kind and often quirky pieces that add that inimitable touch of individual style to their look. They will pair their cool boho looks with accessories as diverse as nerdy glasses and floral printed head scarves or bandanas. If at all they go in for jewelry, they opt for chunky, statement pieces with an earthy and/or colorful vibe. Multiple strings of beaded necklaces and tribal inspired jewelry with animal motifs would be their favorite type of jewelry.



Mix and Match

One of the best things about fashion for an Aquarius woman is that it allows her to express her herself. Hence, she loves to mix and match different types of tops and bottoms with unusual accessories and hairstyles. She is unafraid of breaking the fashion ‘rules’ and she will have no problem pairing up complementary prints or two vibrant colors. 


Whimsical Vibe

Aquarians are unafraid of flaunting unusual styles that many would consider a fashion faux pas; but on the other hand they often end up becoming trend setters without even trying. They love to pick out outfits that give a twist to a conventional trend. They will wear a little black dress, but with a digital print pattern and instead of stylish pearls, they might go for their grandmother’s vintage necklace. In fact, thrift shops and vintage collections are frequent haunts of the budget and environment conscious Aquarius. They also love experimenting with unusual colors and cuts, though they always prioritize comfort over all other factors.

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