Age Defying Make Up Tricks

Say Bye Bye To Wrinkles

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When you are young and are blessed with beautiful, flawless skin, you can afford to go out sans makeup and still look amazing. But as you grow older and your skin starts to age, the signs of which are reflected in the appearance of pigmentation, spots, fine lines etc., you need some basic makeup items to cover these up.

Make-up can come handy by presenting an illusion of younger and flawless looking skin. However, you must understand what kind of makeup application will achieve that look for you because using the wrong product or the wrong application technique can make you look even older and washed out.

Here are some make-up tricks that can defy your age and make you look and feel younger.

Warming up

No, we are not talking about exercising. It’s about warming up the foundation and the blush. The foundation in pale tones that was your favorite can be now replaced with something with more colorful to avoid that ghostly pale look on your face. Make sure to match the shade with your skin tone.

The same goes for blush - avoid shades of brown or soft pinks. Coral works for most skin tones.

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Brows play a key role in defining your face, yet they are the most neglected feature when applying make-up. Apply some powder eye shadow (the same shade as your hair) with an angular brush to define and fill your brows. Make sure the brush strokes are in the direction of hair growth for a natural look. Then set off your defined brows with a coat of clear mascara and see the difference.

Eye shadow-

Most of us just apply liner on the lower lash line and completely avoid the upper lash line or use no liner at all.  This is not a good idea since it makes your eyes look even smaller. Applying liner on your upper lash line makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, giving them a youthful appearance. Just avoid making the line very thick.


Use the eyelash curler to open up your eyes and then apply a black or black brown colored mascara to add length and volume to your lashes. These define your eyes much better and make them look bigger too. 

Eyelash curler-


Dark lipstick can add years to your face. As you grow older, the best way to do your lips is in nude shades. Nude does not mean a pastel brown shade similar to your skin tone. Rather it should be similar to the shade of your lips, or a wee bit pinkish.

Also apply some gloss on the centre of your lips and you are ready to rock!