9 Things You Will Relate To If You Have a Like-Minded Boyfriend

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He is the love of your life and you expect him to admire you for all your good habits and excuse you for all the flaws. But what if your boyfriend is your carbon copy and having him is nothing less than having a soul mate. He sticks around with you most of the time and you just love him and his adorable habits. You will totally relate to the below if you have a like-minded boyfriend:
1.You can tell him everything :
He shares your likes and dislikes which makes him an apt person to discuss all your doubts and apprehensions. You will never face the fear of being judged by him. He understands you inside out because he is very much similar to who you are.

2.You would have similar taste in clothes :
No matter how geeky or how trendy your fashion statement is, both of you share similar tastes. You practically wear his t-shirts and move out for a lazy Sunday evening walk and he also doesn’t mind trying on one of your unisex glares once a while.

3.Your eating habits will match :
You will always find him munching into something that you absolutely relish. It may be sweets or a snack or a main course, you will always find him finishing his portion quicker than you and then trying to snatch some from you too.  

4.Experience together :
Be it watching a movie or travelling around the world, both of you have similar tastes which makes it even easier for you to bond with each other. You people love and hate almost similar things hence the experiences that you share always turns memorable.

5.It is like having a best friend in him :
Everything about the two of you matches which makes you realize that he is your current bestie.  Your stuff becomes his and his stuff become yours and you start depending on him both mentally and emotionally. He turns into your confidant.

6.His friends become your friends and vice-versa :
He spends most of his time being with you and you do the same with him. This leaves you hanging out with all of his friends, which you do not mind either. This way you get to meet and be friends with more number of cool, insane and like-minded people like yourself.  

7.Your confidence grows :
The level of comfort that you share with him gives a boost to your confidence whenever he is around. You love his company because you are this wild child from inside who never wants to be tamed and he just lets you be.

8.You even share the same amount of hatred :
Like minded people also share the same level of hatred for objects and people. You not only bond on the likings, but also on bitterness towards certain topics. It always feels special to be with someone like them around. 

9.You will get better hold of your emotion :
You learn to control your emotions and start living with peace of mind. You start smiling more because there are less of fights and quarrels. He makes you happier than ever and leaves you with the realization that he might be the soul mate that you are looking for.