9 Must Have Jewellery for Every Woman

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The best perk of being a girl is that one can own really stunning and gorgeous jewellery in every style, design and colour. From statement necklaces to cocktail rings, there are plenty of options which take our whole look one notch higher. Our love for jewellery is never ending! Occasion or no occasion, just purchase some jewellery for your lady love and be ready to be showered with endless love and affection. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without jewellery. We bring to you the list of jewellery that every Indian woman should definitely have:
1.Cocktail Rings – These are classy and elegant. You can wear them with Indian as well as Western wear. Opt for a shimmery one for special occasions.

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2.Funky Hoops – Be it a simple one or with intricate details, it adds instant glamour to your look.

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3.Pearls – One can never go wrong with pearls, it can be a simple pearl necklace or earrings for everyday wear or office and the ones with bling and intricate work for festive occasions.

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4.Anklets –  Wear heavy jingling ones with your ethnic attire to complete the Desi girl look or sleek ones with skirts or Kurtis to get the girl next door look.

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5.Simple Studs – If simple is your style, these are for you. Wear the colourful sleek ones or stone studded ones. Team it up with any outfit and feel stylish!!  

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6.Trendy Cuffs – The bigger, the better. Pair them with any Indian or Western attire and pep up your look.

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7.Sparkling Diamond Jewellery – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend on any given day. A classy solitaire ring or a heavy diamond necklace, choose whatever suits you.

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8.Jhumkis – They are the season’s favourite. Every girl should have at least one! Wear them with casual wear or to a wedding.

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9.Statement Necklaces – It’s time we try something out of the box and make a statement with statement necklaces. They add colour, style and charm to your look.

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