8 Versatile Summer Clothes To Flaunt This Winter

This Post Is Dedicated To All Summer Clothing Lovers. Now You Can Master The Art Of ‘How To Winterize Your Summer Closet’ In 8 Simple Slides.

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It’s freezing cold outside and you are sitting in your room looking like a panda, with all those layers anchoring half of your weight. You cannot dare to go Miley-Cyrus-running-in-panties-on-a-busy-New-York-street. If you do go Miley, either your body has the great potential to fight against nature or your summer love is driving you insane. What if someone could reveal the art of mixing seasonal clothes? What if you could wear a lovely maxi dress or your favorite denims and not look like a panda instead? So to answer all your rambling thoughts, here is a panoply of 8 summer clothes that you could winterize this season:

Your petite summer dress will help you a lot this season, if you haven’t thrown it away that is. Pep it up with a lovely cardigan and a pair of stockings.


If you thought you can’t wear your quotidian summer attire, i.e., a pair of black jeans and a tee, you’re WRONG.  Accent it with a classic long coat and you are ready to hit the mall.              

Confused about buying a coat? Worry no more.

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Ever heard of a combo that comes with a hoodie and a skirt? Here all you need to do is to match a slightly fitted hoodie with a perfect flowing skirt and you are all set to establish a new trend.

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Don’t just dunk your maxi dress with the rest of your summer clothes right at the back of your closet. Take it out, wash it and put it on. Compliment it with a black leather jacket and a pair of boots. Bring back that swag in you. 

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Who said you can’t use your summer tops anyway? Flatter your woolen skirt with a low neckline black summer top.

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Accent your sweatshirt with a long white skirt. Oh yes, you are bringing back that hobo style with that look.                  

Have a look at this pleated skirt: shop.mango.com/long-pleated-skirt


Sweater-ize your pants. Yes, we just made that word up. Simply wear 2 layers of woolens on your pants, where one is snug, fitted and long sleeved while the other is loose and may be either short-sleeved or sleeveless. You are all set to kill that Sunday brunch along with those good looks of yours.

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Denim rules, even in winters! Turn your long denim shirt into a tunic and wear it on your black leggings. Voila! An instant evening attire!

Isn’t all this a piece of cake? So which summer cloth are you winterizing this season?

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