8 Signs He Wants To Marry You

Great Tell-Tale Ways For You To Find Out If He’s Going To Pop The Question.

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Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you know exactly where it’s headed. If you have an inclining that he may want to take it to the next step, trust your instinct but also look out for these 8 signs that suggest you are definitely headed for a diamond studded finger!

1  He’s making future plans and you’re in it.

If he’s thinking about making investments like buying a house or car and asks your opinion, then chances are you’re in for a treat. And if he sees you living in his new house with him then you’re mere moments away from the big question!

2  Likes Saturday nights in with you.

Most young couples like to socialize on their Saturday nights. But if you suggest a night in and he looks forward to it, it means he’s comfortable in your lone company. And that’s a sure shot sign he enjoys being with just you no matter what the priority was in the past.

3  Makes you part of his social and family gatherings

If you hang with his friends and family, he’s serious about you. But if he expects you there with him and might be upset for not showing up at a family event, he already considers you his family.

4  Talks about children with you

Whether he’s joking or flat out talking about children in his future, you can know he wants a family. But the fact he’s telling you or referring to you as the mother, chances of you being that someday are very high.

5 He’s getting to know your family

If he’s eager to know details about your family history and making the effort to hang out with your siblings or parents, he means business. No man will embrace his girlfriend’s family unless he thinks he’s going to be part of it someday. 

6  His things become “our” things

When you started dating, you must’ve seen his things were kept separate from yours. But as the relationship develops, these things become grey areas. When his things start to be referred to as “our” things, there’s a huge possibility you will own things together in the future.

7  He’s around in the difficult times
Most boyfriends are great to be around when you’re happy but disappear when you’re having a downer. The ones that are truly serious about a future together will be there no matter how tough the times get. And if he’s willing to not just be there but help you get back up till all is smooth sailing, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

8 Often tells you, “You’re the only one who…”

Does he often tell you that you’re the only one he can truly be himself with or along those lines? Well if he has, you definitely have his trust. So next time, notice how frequently he starts a sentence this way and you’ll know a proposal might be just around the corner!