6 Signs That You Are Already Dating Your Soul Mate

Are There Signs To know That You Are With The One? Are There Butterflies? Fireworks?  Here Are 6 Of Them

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Often times we are so worried about finding our soul mate that we don’t realize we’re already with them! Here are signs that prove you’re already with your “other half” …or at the least, on the right track!  

1 You know each others’ story

We all have a history; some good, some bad and some a super secret. Of course it’s completely your choice as to which aspects you want to withhold or share. But if you’re with the right person, often they can help you come to terms with your past.

Knowing where your partner comes from, their mistakes and their life lessons are a great way to understand them as human beings and clear up your expectations.  

2 You openly listen and express your feelings

Soul mates understand each other like no two other people. Great communication in such a relationship comes from the willingness to share and be vulnerable. And it’s rarer than you think!

I was once told something about relationships that I will never forget; we have two ears and one mouth so our listening should be double of our speaking. Your companion should truly listen to you and vice-versa, free of judgments, allowing you to be yourself. And there’s no greater emotional security than that.  

3 You know each other’s likes and dislikes

If you and your partner are intimate enough to know each others’ likes and dislikes like the back of your hand, you are already on the path to perfection. Even as soul mates, it is not necessary to have all the same favorites but to be sensitive to any conflict of preferences you have. The trick is to maintain this for years to come as your preferences evolve. 

4 You respect the other person

Do you look up to your partner? Considering everyone has strengths and weaknesses, soul mates don’t just respect your good qualities but learn from them. We can pick up many things from our companion; a skill set, character qualities, etc. Soul mates constantly learn from each other and better themselves from it.  

5 You accept their flaws

Everyone has flaws. And plenty of them! We, as their partners choose which ones to accept and which the deal-breakers are.  It’s fair to assess what you don’t like about your partner. The important thing soul mates understand is that perfection is not the absence of flaws. Perfection is embracing those flaws and making the best of them. 

6 “I’m a Movement by myself but a Force when we’re together”

Because soul mates are two halves of a whole, they have this uncanny quality to make you a better and stronger individual. So ask yourself, do you love yourself when you’re with him or her?  If yes, then chances are you are already with who you are supposed to be!