5 Ways To Know Whether Your Partner Is Cheating

Catch them red-handed!

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Have you started to observe some form of different behavior from your partner? Are you confused and unable to figure out what’s on their mind? Relax, because technology has made it easy to figure out what’s going on in someone’s life. If it’s easy to know the ins and outs of the life of someone you don’t know, then imagine how easy it is to get into the head of someone who’s so close to you! Thanks to online credit card statements, text messages, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram pictures, WhatsApp (with ‘Last Seen’), Hike Messenger, Viber messages and what not, finding the answer has become really easy. If all else fails, you can try the age old method of asking them directly. Although, if they weren’t honest when they first cheated, it is highly unlikely they’ll be honest now.

Check their phone

When he/she is busy with their smartphone, frankly ask them if you could use their phone. Observe their reactions and if they give it without any form of hesitation, quit fretting. However, if he/she hides their phone immediately or quickly presses the home screen button or if is shocked that you just saw what they were doing; this could mean something is SERIOUSLY wrong. 

Invite them to a surprise lunch

Call them to have a meal with you, preferably lunch. If your partner says they won’t be able to make it because they are ‘really busy’, don’t sweat it. Prepare the lunch for them and be ready to give them a surprise! Show up to their workplace during lunch hours and note how they react. In case he/she gets angry with you, completely ignores your existence and talks to or calls someone else or even worse, tries to send you away – warning bells should start going off in your head!

Ask about their new buddy

Alright, so your partner recently made a new buddy of the opposite sex and proudly says there is nothing going on between them. Simply ask whether they have met them or seen them recently. If your other half answers the question normally without any irregular behavior, the coast is clear. Stay on guard if they answer you and instantly change the subject or they seem puzzled and look at you with surprise. 

Get to know their whereabouts

Your love was away the previous night and you are inquisitive regarding their whereabouts. Directly ask them what they did last night. Proper and logical answers are always acceptable. In case they become defensive and say you don’t trust them or they quickly change the subject or abruptly walk away, this could mean something is fishy. 

Removal of Evidence

Does your bae come home and immediately say they need to shower or that they shouldn’t be bothered for a while. This might mean they are trying to hide something. Try to grab their attention by being romantic and quietly observe their behavior. Do they return your affection in similar words and politely say they will busy for some time?   Or, do they get angry and say you are trying to distract them? They could also try to get away with only giving you a verbal bouquet and then continuing to pretend like there’s nothing wrong. If the latter two are correct, then you might need to have a word with them.