16 Experiences You Can’t Escape When You’re in a Cross-Cultural Relationship

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Cross Cultural Relationship Are Totally Worth It!

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1. The high you get from feeling like a rebel

There’s a great thrill you get from starring in your own personal Bollywood movie, full of disapproving parents and the chasm of cultural differences.

2. The fascination with a different culture and language

So this is how you say **** you in Tamil? Tell me more!

3. That cool moment when you realize their vocabulary is now your vocabulary

Macha pass me the beer!’

‘You don’t know what macha means? Such a pavam!’

4. Eventually you feel yourself becoming more cultured and cosmopolitan

And all those movies about fighting with society to be with your love have you bawling like a child.

5. You become more accepting of other culture’s idiosyncrasies

Especially when your SO happily enlightens you about some of your own cultural biases!

6. The struggle of working out communication problems that are bound to happen because of cultural differences

You just don’t understand why one thing is offensive and another isn’t and apparently ‘this is how my mom did it’ is the WORST thing to say!

7. You’re always looking for common ground to overcome the cultural gap

Your parents ALSO have crazy expectations from you regarding professional success, marriage and children? High five!

8. The horror of the first ‘meet-the-parents’

It’s awkward mainly because you know if looks could kill, you would be a dead man/woman. 

9.…but the awesome regional feast that makes up for it

How much and how well you eat the beautiful, home-cooked food laid out for you can be an important test of acceptance…but don’t worry, it’s extremely easy to pass and you’ll be a fan for life.

10. The pointless discussions about ceremonies and rituals at every family gathering

Which pandit? Which language? What food? To booze or not to booze? Can I just run away now?

11. You defend their religion and customs as if it was your own

You can’t believe you ever found those racist jokes remotely funny!

12. And then again, you feel so proud when your SO defends YOUR community like a pro

And they do it, somehow, WAY better than you ever could

13. The confusion of listening to them chattering in their mother tongue never ends

You feel so victorious when you finally understand a phrase or two from their conversation with their mother!

14. Your life is suddenly full of festivals and it’s AWESOME

What was once just a vacation day becomes a whole day of yummy food and slightly weird rituals.

15. Sometimes, you even get to be a mentor for the next generation

It quickly turns into an episode of How I Met Your Mother: The Two States Edition. Still, they asked!

16. The best part is that at the end of the day, you have TWO cultures to call your own

Your children will inherit a brilliant cultural heritage and get TWICE the amount of good food and festival fun!