15 Things Girls Hide From Their Boyfriends

Caution: Do not read this if you are soft hearted

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So, you think you know everything about your girlfriend? She might be a complete darling, but there are few things, which she keeps to herself, because some things are better left unsaid. She is hiding it, maybe because, she does not want to hurt your male ego or doesn't not want you to judge her.

1. Her bitchy talks with her bff (Obviously, because she does not want you to know that she is capable of talking such nonsense)

2. Number of past experiences she has had (Because it goes like 1,2,3,4….. still counting)

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3. Something, which is beyond repair is already broken. (Obviously she lied, when she told you that she broke it because of cycling; why ? because she doesn't know cycling)

4. She still talks to her ex boyfriend at times (When you ignore her or make her sad she turns up to her ex for the emotional support)

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5. She is faking it in bed (Because she does not want to hurt your ego by telling you the truth that you suck in bed)

6. She hates your mom (because she gives her that weird look which clearly says ‘stay away from my son’)

7. She still stalks every single girl on social media you ever confessed to having a liking for. ( She is surely going to crush your crush)

8. How quick she thinks about the future (She even decides the names of the children the day you proposed her)

9. She is watching you every time (She keeps an eye on your every Facebook activity like James Bond and read your messages, whenever she can lay her hands upon your phone)

10. She exposes every time she wants to avoid an argument (Because that’s the best way to distract you)

11. Sometimes she fantasizes about her ex, while talking to you (Because you are not as good as he was, at least in some area, if not all)

12. Sometimes she will prefer to hang out with her girlfriends rather than spending time with you (Because she can’t discuss about the sale at ZARA with you)

13. You are not that best she ever had….on the bed (Maybe her ex knew all the tricks to turn her on)

14. You don’t know how to buy her gifts ( Your choice of the gifts makes her puke)

15. Heart-tales of her ex (Because she does not want you to know that her ex actually treated her like a princess)