10 Ways to Let Her Know She is the One

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Most of the girls will agree to the fact that guys are unexpressive and unable to communicate their feelings. It becomes very difficult to figure out if he really is serious about the relationship or not. Ladies, no worries. Although your guy might not believe in PDA’s or shouting from cliff tops, but then there are a lot of things which he silently does to tell you that you are the one for him.

1.Supports You No Matter What – He always stands by you in your thick and thin, just to make sure that you know that you have a shoulder to lean on/fall back upon.
2.He Values Your Opinion – Now that the ‘me’ has turned to ‘we’, he takes your opinion on almost every aspect of his life. He knows that every decision made is going to affect the both of you.
3.He Loves You The Way You Are – You do not have to pretend or be someone else to impress him. You do not have to put layers of makeup or especially dress up for him, you can even come out in your pajamas because he loves you just the way you are.

4.He Discusses Your Future as a Couple – He knows you’re the one with whom he can see a happy future and that is the reason he talks about it. He is not commitment phobic.
5.You Get to know All The Teeny Weeny Details of His Life – He shares his life, feelings, almost everything with you. And it is not just his life, he is eager to know about yours too.  
6.His Friends Are Really Important, But You Are His Priority – He loves spending time with his friends, but not at the cost of your happiness.
7.He Tries to Mix up With Your Family and Friends – He knows and values your world and that is the reason why he tries to mix up with them and create a bond because these are the people who are going to be a part of his life too and the best part he doesn’t do that to impress you, but on his own will.

8.He Wants to Make You Happy Always – He goes out of the way to make you happy. By taking you out shopping, going for long walks, planning special surprises or even cooking a meal, he knows those little secrets to cheer you up!!
9.He Does Not Expect You to be Cheery All the Time – He understands that one cannot be always happy and chirpy, at times we feel low too. Thankfully, you don’t have to fake it in front of him.
10.Be it Good or Bad Days, He Wants To Spend His Entire Time With You – That is what soul mates are for, to be a part of your highs and lows. His mere presence is comforting enough to bring that smile back on your face.