10 Things That Happen When You Get Into a New Relationship

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Entering into a new relationship can be the most amazing feeling in the world. The first few months are the best phase of a relationship. You love the other person unconditionally and the fights are still cute. Everyone goes through these phases at the beginning of a new relationship.

1.The first thing that almost all of us do is either messaging or calling up your partner to wish them “Good Morning”.

2.Randomly text them and out of the blue saying “I Love You”.

3.Hold their hands whenever you feel like.

4.When you are on a date, you do adorable things like opening the door for them or pulling out a chair.

5.Give them flowers and chocolates without any reason.

6.Celebrating some or the other moment like 1 month anniversary, the date you first set eyes on each other, etc.

7.Spending the entire night talking to them.

8.You spend the entire day thinking about them.

9.Drive all over the city just to pick or drop them.
10.Whenever you are not in the city or cannot meet, you skype them.